Your Beautiful Day.....

Mark Tweeton

Hello. Welcome to my MAT-Photography SmugMug site. I'm confident you will have an enjoyable experience browsing and selecting items you like.

I'd like to share with you a little of myself, as with my images, I want the experience to be fun and personable. I have worked in the Corporate environment for over 10 years, which included two of the top 500 Fortune companies, Target & Best Buy. With a variety of opportunities and experiences, I quickly found my passion working in the studio while engaging in many photo shoot projects and partnerships. I'm very grateful for the 'hands on' experiences I've had and how they led me to establish my own business and connection with people, who genuinely get excited with the work I share of their special moment(s). For myself, this is the ultimate motivation and gratifying factor that drives me to perfection.

Additionally, while working in the studio, my son Alex was becoming involved with youth sports and activities. I soon realized that my passion was more than just 'work' as I began taking hundreds of team photos of all the kids and parents. Their actions, their expressions, their awkward moments and the beautiful moments were captured in those snapshots. This brings sincere enjoyment to me, and I know you too will have real, wonderful experiences reliving the moment.

I would love to capture your moments in any sporting events, activities, portfolios, or special events. It will be a privilege to work with you to learn your preferences or personal likes and what I can provide you to bring memories and smiles to last a lifetime. If you spotted myself or received one of my cards, please email me as I most likely have photos to share with you that may not be in a gallery. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Mark Tweeton